Under attack (che palle)!

Il caro vecchio amico logwatch oggi mi ha riportato:


Authentication Failures:

root ( 235 Time(s)

unknown ( 114 Time(s)

postgres ( 3 Time(s)
daemon ( 2 Time(s)
unknown ( 1 Time(s)

Invalid Users:

Unknown Account: 115 Time(s)

Ma chi saranno mai? Ah degli amici dalla Cina! (e proprio da Pechino!)

Da MaxMind GeoIP City/ISP/Organization Edition Results

Hostname Country Code Country Name Region Region Name City Postal Code CN China 22 Beijing Beijing CN China 22 Beijing Beijing
Latitude Longitude ISP Organization
39.9289 116.3883 CNC Group Shandong province network CNC Group Shandong province network
39.9289 116.3883 China Internet Network Information Center BEIJING ZHEN-FEN-WEI-YE CO.LTD

Ciao ciao!

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